What can I do to support your child's academics at home?

Ensure your child is at school and on time each day. The first bell rings at 8:10am and classes start at 8:15. School attendance is one of the most important factors in predicting academic success and setting the foundation for life long learning. 

Help your child practice our PBIS “3 Bs” at home – be safe, be respectful, and be responsible. Talk with your child about what each of these means and have them share examples of how they are safe, respectful, and responsible both at home and at school. 

Take time to read with your child each night. Have them practice reading aloud to you in addition to listening to you read. Ask them questions about what they read, for example:

            - What is this text (or story) mostly about?

            - What does this text (or story) remind you of?

            - What do you think will happen next?

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