Campus Clean Up

On Saturday, November 3rd, a group of students, staff members, and parents took in a beautiful morning to clean up the Las Palmitas campus. The team tackled many tasks like trash pick up, painting, window washing, power washing, and finished with a barbecue lunch. It was an exciting event and a great way to strengthen the school community. As principal, Mike Williams stated, “The school is over 15 years old, but I make it a habit of schedule these events to maintain the facilities and provide an opportunity for families and students to contribute to our fantastic school community.

Farewell to Mr. Williams

On Friday, January 11th, the whole staff and students gathered at the quad for one final picture with our principal Mr. Williams. Students made wacky ties and gave Mr. Williams one final hug or high five as they left. 

Transformational Healing with Jerry Tello

The Coachella Valley Unified School District along with Mr. Jerry Tello and the members of the National Compadres Network are working to implement "La Cultura Cura" and Transformational Healing . Mr.Tello teaches the importance of circulos, fellowship, and healing for the youth of the Coachella Valley.


In partnership with the National Compadres Network, the Coachella Valley Unified School District is offering the EL JOVEN NOBLE (The Noble Youth) program. EL JOVEN NOBLE is a youth development, support, and leadership enhancement program developed in 1996 that provides a process and a vehicle for continued “rites of passage” development of youths ages 10-24. Starting in December/January, the program will be led by Mr. Anderson and offered at the end of the day Fridays for 13 weeks. Students will participate in discussions/circles and learn the importance of being a noble youth through classroom activities.

ASES Activities

Our A.S.E.S. program has gone on many fun field trips this year. The students have attended the California Science Center and the Rosie Casals & Pancho Gonzalez Tennis Center to name a few. Our fantastic program is led by our wonderful coordinators, Ms. Larson-Rubio and Ms. Larios,